Bermuda 2010 Bermuda 2010 Manny and Sue waiting to go in the ring 104294605 Rudy and Manny on the beach 104294606 Sue, Rudy and Manny 104294607 Rudy and Manny on the beach 104294608 Playing on the beach 104294609 Round and round they go! 104294610 Rudy and Manny full tilt! 104294611 There they go! 104294612 Manny taking a break 104294613 Then up again! 104294614 There goes Rudy.... 104294615 104294616 View up the beach 104294617 The Surfside complex 104294618 The Agility course 104294619 Rudy and Sue after going Group 1 104294626 Rudy preparing for the BIS ring! 104294623 Rudy with his biggest fan...Benjamin 104294624 Rudy in the BIS ring 104294620 Rudy about to be examined 104294621 Rudy going around the ring 104294622 Rudy getting prepared for he GR 1 picture 104294625 Manny on a rock 104294628 Rudy and Manny on the rock 104294629 Manny taking another break 104294630 Rudy on a rock 104294631 Rudy watching the wave coming in! 104294632 Up the coast 104294633 Down the coast 104294634 Until next year! 104294627