Kandr Chihuahuas

About Me

I have been "in dogs" since 1983.  I started with Labrador Retrievers with the kennel name Althorp.  My first dog was Althorp's Midnight Coach Am. Can. Bda. CD, Am. Can. CDX, Am. UD, JH, WCX.  She was about to run in a tracking test when a brain tumor took her.  She's pictured here at 15.  Coach was the daughter of CH Adidas Johnny Unitas, CD.  She was a clown...but knew when it was time to be serious.  She saved the life of a worker in my neighbor's yard by alerting me to the near fatal accident.  All my labs were shown in one event or another for the next 20 years. 

Sundaze Althorp Classic Am. Can. Bda. CD, Am. Can. CDX was the next out of the gate and she benefited greatly from my experience gained with Coach.  She was a Dog World Award Winner in both the US and Canada.  Her performance in Novice garnered her a trip to the Best of the Best at the Canadian Centential Show in Toronto.  She was introduced and welcomed with a standing ovation as the only entry from the dogs native to Canada.

While showing Sundaze Althorp Reflection Am. Can. CD, Am. CDX, WC at the Cleveland Cluster, I was approached by a man from Leader Dogs for the Blind.  He asked if I would consider breeding for service dogs.  After that conversation Althorp puppies were donated to the Leader Dog organization and have become a part of the Leader Dog breeding program.  Above all I know how to pick dogs with good temperaments and bring out the very best in every dog.

My love affair with Chihuahuas began with Rudy.  His coat reminded me of the Labrador in both color and quality.  He has been a fantastic second "first" dog!  His temperament and beautiful physique have made the first 3 years with him a joy!  We have so much to accomplish, but we have time to systematically tick off each task. 

Rudy's breeder Barbara Breidenback, was amused that I was trying to leave with just one Chihuahua.  Her last words as I drove away with tiny 12 week old Rudy...were..."you'll be back...you can't have just one!"  She was correct; 5 months later I went back and chose Tobey as a friend for Rudy.  Tobey bears the Althorp name, but he will be the only one to do so.  Kandr was born when I first brought Rudy home.  He has been a joy in every way.  Kandr is K(aren) and R(udy).  Pronounced "candor" which is how I would like to think I represent myself and my dogs.  As I add dogs to my family I learn something new.  Coat color genetics is facinating and something I have started to study intensely. This is where I am in the process.  Come along for the wild Chihuahua ride.  You never know where these little guys are going to take you.